Ethernaut | Fallout

This blog is intended to uncover the level 2 fallout, showcasing how a developer typo can create a huge impact. The typo impacted the constructor function and converted the accessibility of the function to the public. The challenge focuses on a solidity constructor and is easier than the fallback challenge. Solidity Functions Like any other programming language, Solidity functions are self-contained modules of code that accomplish a specific task. Visibility Internal functions can only be called inside the current contract....

Ethernaut | Fallback

The Ethernaut is a Web3/Solidity based wargame inspired by, played in the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Each level is a smart contract that needs to be ‘hacked’ At the time of writing this post, 27 levels are active in the Ethernaut. This blog is intended to uncover the level1 fallback. To clear this level, the attacker has to exploit a poorly implemented fallback function and gain control of another smart contract....

HTB | Breadcrumbs

OS: Windows | Difficulty: Hard

HTB | Ophiuchi

OS: Linux | Difficulty: Medium

HTB | Spectra

OS: Linux | Difficulty: Easy