Security Analyst (Team Lead) - Valuementor


  • Leading a team of application security to maximize delivery and ensure consistency.
  • In charge of Quality Assurance in deliverables.
  • Leading multiple engagements as SPOC by supporting various engagement lifecycle stages
    • Scoping
    • Kickoff
    • Planning
    • Service Delivery
    • Quality Assurance

Security Analyst - Ernst & Young


  • Designed modules and trained internal team on penetration testing.
  • Performed internal network testing for clients in Europe and Asia.
  • Identified vulnerabilities in backend webservice endpoints.
  • Responsible for identifying vulnerabilities in web applications.
  • Conducted periodical testing in mobile applications.
  • Performed client level interactions for providing mitigation support.
  • Conducted physical security audit.

Freelance Security Consultant


  • Responsible for conducting vulnerable assessments and penetration testing on applications and networks as per requirements.
  • Conducted training programs for business unit managers,IT development team and students.


  • Web Security
  • Network security
  • Mobile app security
  • Bash scripting
  • Python
  • Training
  • Developing security plans
  • Project Organisation
  • Code Review
  • Leadership


  • 1k+ reputation in Stackoverflow
  • Delivered talk on Spear phishing and trojans at ISACA Cochin Chapter 2016.
  • Former Asst. Commander (Volunteer) - Kerala Police Cyberdome.
  • 0SecCon (ZeroSecCon) - Co-founder/Core Team Member
  • Elite Hacker - Hack The Box

Contributed to various open source tools in Github

  • Grapx
  • Url Extractor
  • Nuclei Templates